“I’ve worked with Wendy Grinberg on two projects: creating podcasts for the URJ and doing background research on the intersection of cognitive behavioral therapy and Jewish parenting. She is a sophisticated thinker with a terrific sense of humor, an easygoing but professional manner and an excellent work ethic. It’s a privilege to know her.”   –Wendy Mogel, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of The Blessing of a Skinned Knee and The Blessing of a B Minus

“Being the Director of Education can be a solitary job at times. Networking with other professionals is helpful, but there are times when one needs more. I needed to find the right person to guide me through the process of making significant educational changes. Wendy is that unique combination of knowledgeable, honest, connected, open minded, articulate and approachable. With Wendy’s insight and encouragement, I felt more confident in making choices. She helped me to see where to take exciting risks, while preventing me from going too far. I believe that every school director would benefit from the counsel of someone like Wendy who can ‘see your program from the balcony’ and help you find the right direction for you and your school.” –Sara Losch, Director of Lifelong Learning, Barnert Temple

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Wendy as a colleague and collaborator on a range of projects and have been continually impressed by her intellect, skill, and commitment to educational excellence. She is a dedicated and gifted professional who helps empower others by asking probing questions that encourage valuable thought and action. She demonstrated superb writing and program skills on her grant writing work with our residential camping programs, and in her ongoing work with the URJ helped to bridge the informal and formal worlds of Jewish education in creative and innovative ways.” –Lisa David, Director, URJ Camp Harlam

“Wendy Grinberg is an outstanding, creative, and enthusiastic Jewish educator. She brings extraordinary skills and passion to whatever she does. She has had a tremendous impact on our congregation’s work with young families, both organizing programs and leading them.” –Rabbi Ronald Roth, Fair Lawn Jewish Center / Congregation Bnai Israel

“I have known Wendy since she was a graduate student at Brandeis and have followed her career since then with great interest and pride. Whatever position she assumes, whether on the congregational or national level, she does excellent work. Wendy is a clear thinker and an efficient “doer” who asks excellent questions and knows how to make things happen. I have worked for Wendy on several projects as an evaluation consultant and have also asked her to work with me on some of my own research. Her understanding of education on both the systems and teaching/learning level informs and enriches everything she does.” –Susan L. Shevitz, EdD, Professor Emerita, Brandeis University; Consultant in Planning, Evaluation and Leadership Studies


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