How We Can Help

Jewish organizations are ready to try new models of Jewish education that engage the whole family, meet the learners’ needs and build strong connections and community. Figuring out the best way to do this takes careful planning, targeted pilot efforts and clear assessment. One size will not fit all, but we can all learn from each experiment.

Contact Grinberg Education Consulting when:

  • Your organization is in a planning  stage, looking to learn first about the field and the needs in your community, not wanting to reinvent the wheel, and trying to focus lots of ideas and come to consensus on an approach
  • You need help developing your plan into a program, conference, curriculum or product
    with goals that can be evaluated
  • You would like to gather data that would let you know how your effort has succeeded or could be improved, with recommendations for next steps
  • You are ready to tell the story of what you’ve learned through internal presentations, articles, blog posts, podcasts or other media

Why keep doing things the same way? Let’s take the fist step towards something better.


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